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Gumball V.S. Star rap battle – by Emily J

(Gumball’s first verse)

Hey! It’s me Gumball! Wanna hear my rap?

You’re in luck if you do! Let me have a nap.

I’m the golden gum ball of this amazing world!

So you better be prepared because my tail’s uncurled!

Hey, what’s up? It’s me! Gumball the cat!

And so you know to me, you’re just a rat!

I can see you over there trying to plan your song,

But it’s probably not even going to be 5 seconds long!

Everyone knows I’m the leader, I’m always gonna be!

You really don’t believe me? Well, ha ha! You’ll see!

(Star’s first verse)

Make way for me ’cause I’m the star of the show!

I’m the Princess of Mewni if you wanted to know!

Turn on the lights, lead me into the stage,

I bet your mom and dad aren’t even making minimum wage!

You were better in the old days! Just go back to the past!

Or else I’ll use my wand, “Super, mega narwhal blast!”

Don’t try to beat me I’ll just keep going ’till you drop!

It’s pointless to keep on going so maybe you should just stop!

I am the master at rapping, and everybody knows!

You’re more unnoticeable than Darwin’s tiny goes!

(Gumball’s second verse)

If you’re a star than why are you not that bright?

When I look at you I feel like I lose my sight!

I’m better than you! You should just admit it!

‘Cause eventually I’ll just make you quit!

(Darwin’s part)

Battling Gumball? You made a bad choice star!

Even if you tried you wouldn’t get far!

Me and Gumball will fight until you lose the match!

How many times have we told you not to snatch!

This is our rap nowhere near to yours!

How many times do you plan to break the laws?!

(Star’s second verse)

Show me some respect! I’m a Princess you know!

Compared to me your ranking is low!

You and being cool is impossible to mix!

You are something that people should fix!

(Marco’s part)

I’m going to chop you in half with my karate chop!

You two find it hard to buy 1 thing in a shop!

Me and Star are so good that we don’t even try,

“Gumball will defeat you” you know that’s a lie!

Me and Star could escape you without the smallest of cuts!

Hope that you’re prepared: we’re gonna kick your butts!

Comment below who you think son this rap battle! Don’t forget to mention if you want me to write more!


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We Will Be Here Forever – Five Nights At Freddy’s rap by Emily J

I’m sitting in my office all day and night,

Trying really hard not to get a fright.

Keep my cameras up, watch their every move,

I can see Bonnie keeping up with his groove.

Chica’s getting closer as I sing this rap,

If Freddy’s singing you better keep up with the clap.

Foxy’s in his cove, stomping his feet to the beat,

Since I am the guest here I better take my seat.



Come and play with us all day, we will be here forever,

We can slay you’ll fade away, in day we’d hurt you never.

We always say “we hope you stay”, we will be here forever,

In night and day we’ll always stray, we can go through this together.



Oh, heck to the no! Not doin’ any of that!

You’re even less trust worthy than a sharp clawed cat!

I’m looking left and right ’cause they keep on creepin’,

I’m really sorry guys but i can’t stop your weeping.

Just look at Foxy, he has a hook for a hand!

That’s the whole reason he couldn’t Play in the band!

I can see Freddy! Better shut the door!

Why do i keep coming back out for more?!



Come and play with us all day, we will be here forever,

We can slay you’ll fade away, in day we’d hurt you never.

We always say “we hope you stay”, we will be here forever,

In night and day we’ll always stray, we can go through this together.



SpringBonnie and Fredbear started all of this,

One single movement I can not miss!

Foxy’s running down the hallway clanging his feet on his way,

He’s banging on the door, this is not okay!

I need to stay awake until 6am,

What’s that on the floor? It’s an M&M!

I’ve got to keep on going, I’m almost done,

Only 2 more minutes then I can have some fun!



Come and play with us all day, we will be here forever,

We can slay you’ll fade away, in day we’d hurt you never.

We always say “we hope you stay”, we will be here forever,

In night and day we’ll always stray, we can go through this together.

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My holidays by Thomas

In the holidays me and my family went to Leicester and stayed in a hotel.

On our way there we had to drive for 2 hours in the car, we stopped of at Conkers where we had lots of fun! We were able to do lots of things which we all enjoyed, I liked exploring the park. My favourite part was when we could do the Barefoot Walk since there was lots of different materials which you could walk on.

After we arrived at the hotel, we decided to go swimming, which was lots of fun. We had to wait to go swimming since there was a waiting list and you only could have 45 minutes in the pool, some people  did not listen to the rules and had much longer time in the pool – after a while we finally got into the pool which was very cold.

On the last day we started packing. After a while, we were in the car driving until we stopped at Twycross Zoo. I had lots of fun watching the monkeys, apes and orangutans swinging around in their huge enclosure, I had lots of fun!

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Always Be Our Friend – Five Nights at Freddy’s rap lyrics – created by Emily J


Down in the town, in a place up the street,

There is animatronics that you just have to meet!

In the pirate cove there’s Foxy, who’s sailed the seventh seas,

He has a hook for a hand and metal for his knees.

Chica is the chicken with the cupcake called Carl,

But for some reason people like to call him Charl.

Bonnie jams on his guitar and catches people’s eyes,

Even though he is a bunny who is huge for his size.

Freddy is the singer who always leads the band,

How he sings so well you would not understand.


Come on down to your home town,

To play and have some fun.

Take your hand, listen to the band,

Whilst eating pizza in the sun.

There’s lots of toys for girls and boys,

The fun will never end.

And no matter what will happen,

You will always be our friend!


There is also Golden Freddy who is the star of the show,

He’s the one who started this, don’t you know?

Spring Bonnie or Springtrap is his partner in crime,

He used to be sweet but now he’s as sour as a lime.

Toy Bonnie is a replacement that is shiny and new,

Who was his creator, we do not know who.

There is also Toy Chica and  Toy Freddy as well,

The only thing that’s bad is the horrible smell!


Come on down to your home town,

To play and have some fun.

Take your hand, listen to the band,

Whilst eating pizza in the sun.

There’s lots of toys for girls and boys,

The fun will never end.

And no matter what will happen,

You will always be our friend!


The Toy Foxy known as ‘Mangle’ will mess with your brain.

If you take a look at her you would think you were insane!

Hiding down in the prize corner is the Marionette,

A ‘Toy Bonnie plush’ could be what you could get!

There is BB and JJ who give out balloons,

But they are almost as defenceless as caterpillars in cocoons.

Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie will scare you out of your socks,

After seeing them you will want to turn your eyes to rocks.


Come on down to your home town,

To play and have some fun.

Take your hand, listen to the band,

Whilst eating pizza in the sun.

There’s lots of toys for girls and boys,

The fun will never end.

And no matter what will happen,

You will always be our friend!


 The sister location hides deep underground,

Dancing with Ballora would make your head spin around.

Singing with Baby will let your voice run free,

The star of the show is what everyone’s here to see.

Fun-Time Freddy has Fun-Time Bonnie on his hand,

They are getting cleaned up because they are covered in sand.

Fun-Time Foxy helps the kids to learn to play and share,

It is obvious that she is treated with love and care.

Lolbit and Bonnet together make a team,

Seeing Ennard will make it seem like a dream.

All of the pizzas stacked up one by one,

In about 5 minutes it all will be gone!


Come on down to your home town,

To play and have some fun.

Take your hand, listen to the band,

Whilst eating pizza in the sun.

There’s lots of toys for girls and boys,

The fun will never end.

And no matter what will happen,

You will always be our friend!

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An Eevee Tale – part 1 – by Emily J

As the Eevee opened its it yawned. A new day had come around. The Eevee got up. He walked out of the small house he had made for him self and went to nibble on some of the pokéberries he had found for himself yesterday. Today was going to be a good day. He could feel it.

The Eevee trotted outside of the forest to find his best friend: Sparky. Sparky was a pikachu who was mostly yellow and she had two brown stripes on her back. She had two red cheeks, black ear tips, some brown on her tail and a black tip to her tail. Not many pikachus have that on their tail, that meant that she was quite special. Eevee was special aswell. Eevee was a shiny. Instead of her fur being chocolate brown, it was the colour of cream. What sort of cream? He did not know. He also had a whipedcream color around his neck, a white tip on the end of his tail, green eyes and inside his ears. All he knew was that everyone seemed to like him and Sparky. Apparently Sparky was a ‘cosplay pikachu’ which meant that if she was ever caught, she would be able to dress up and partake in Pokémon contests.

The Eevee’s name was Sugar. He had been given this name because of how kind he was to other Pokémon. According to a minncino called Lillie, other shinies were full of themselves and that they were also quite selfish to other non-shiny Pokémon. She remembered meeting a shiny meowth once, he was not nice at all. He was a bully. It was as simple as that. Nobody could stand him. So one day Sugar confronted him, but for some reason he actually listened to him rather than egnoring him like he did to everyone else who did it. From that day he was nice, that was one of the reasons everybody liked him.

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Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of Marvel Studios best movies as well as being funny it is extremely sad with an amazing soundtrack and left you on a bit of a cliff hanger so I knew there would be a second one. Then 3 years later they created Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 which when the adverts came out I knew it would be sadder and funnier with a different twist and it would be just as good if not better than the first one and trust me it is better than the first. In my opinion Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 is a very good film from the start to the middle to the end. You have got your: comedy, sadness, anger, love and great music new and old. It has got twists that you would never believe and moments when you just want to cry. If you want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 (and I would highly suggest it) I would watch the first one to understand it because the second movie is carrying on from the first and this one is giving more detail to their back rounds. But, I would say they are both good movies and if you haven’t watched either of them I would suggest it. Then again that is my opinion and you may have a different one or you just don’t want to watch them.


By Holly.

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A Bunny Called Bonnie – chapter 17 – by Emily J

Now that everyone had been freed from the cave there was joyousness every where. But then, there was a spark of fear which crossed everybody.

Suddenly, an army of ants came attempting to kill them but failed miserably because Bonnie used a magnifying glass and burned them all to death in barely any time at all. So after all the hassle of the ants they ventured on to battle King Kroserliss, their team now bigger than ever.

They all reached King Kroserliss’s cave they entered with fear clutching onto them. But, once they had gotten into the cave, they saw not King Kroserliss but a small kitten curled up on a chair.

The kitten woke up. It looked quite surprised to see them at first, but then out of nowhere it shouted at them.

“How on Earth did you get here?! Didn’t my ant army stop you?” The kitten said in a very manly voice. Out of the blue, Pixie screamed and Buttons shook with horror although ice was running down his spine.

“Buttons, Pixie what’s the matter?” Cotton Tail asked them.

“That’s King Kroserliss’s cat! He was the one who locked you in the cave prison! We didn’t get trapped by him though, we got trapped by a possessed pikachu.” Buttons said in an extremely worried tone. Their talk was interrupted by who other than the actual King Kroserliss himself along with an army of dogs.

“Well, I guess this is going to be the battle we’ve all be waiting for! Are you all ready?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah!” Everyone replied. Bonnie put her hand in the middle of all of them. That followed by Cotton Tail, then Fun-Time Foxy, the Foxy the pirate, then Sylveon, then Princess Fluffy Boots and finally Buttons and Pixie.

“3….2…1…” Bonnie started.

“Let’s do this!” Everyone else joined in.

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Lost – Part one of four

Lucy cried bitterly. The salty tears burnt her face. She hugged her knees tightly, and thought about her cosy home.  

 She thought of a mug of hot chocolate and Mittens the tabby licking the cream. Lucy glanced around at the trees that towered over her. Lost in the wood, she thought, entirely my fault. It would have been much easier to go the proper way home, but she had gone the short cut, and now she was lost.

Meanwhile Lucy’s mum and dad were searching everywhere for her. Even under Mittens! Eventually they sent out a search party.

 She looked up suddenly, what was that noise! Lucy edged forwards to near where the noise came from. It was a sort of creaky noise, like when a door that is really old has just been opened. She shuffled forwards an inch or two then stopped. Party music was playing somewhere close. She could also hear voices.

“Hello,” a jolly voice called.

 “Good afternoon” another voice joined in.

 Soon dozens of voices echoed though the silent wood- it wasn’t silent anymore!

The wood was filled with a magical tune, flooding the place with music. Lucy was too busy listening to the music she didn’t hear somebody creeping up behind her, even when a twig cracked under its foot. Suddenly, somebody tapped her on the shoulder. She stopped. Was she dreaming? Then it all happened again, this time she screamed piercing scream and the person back away.

“Who are you?” Lucy whispered, her voice quivering.

“I’m Poppy Lighthouse. Who are you?” a little voice said quietly.

“I’m Lucy Brown,” Lucy replied

“Nice to meet you,” Poppy said a little bit braver than last time. And the conversation about each other carried on.

Poppy ceased Lucy’s pale hand and lead her to a small, damp wooden door. She carefully unbolted the door and slipped inside. On the other side of the door, Poppy lit a candle and carried on walking onwards. Lucy followed intently, through the winded passage. Poppy knew exactly what she was doing and going, so Lucy had no fear. Soon Poppy led Lucy past a small kitchen, where a lady stood next to a stove. “Hello mother” chirped Poppy, in a sweet little voice. “This is Lucy”

“Hello Mrs Lighthouse” said Lucy, while Mrs Lighthouse turned and smiled at Lucy.

“What are you cooking?” asked Poppy

“Chicken soup” Poppy’s mother replied and with that she turned back to the stove, and Poppy skipped away Lucy following. Now Lucy noticed that they were heading downwards and stopped to ask Poppy if they were going the right way but before she could – CRASH! Poppy lay on the floor, not moving. Lucy knelt beside her and started to worry. What had happened? Lucy peered around her, but saw nothing. She picked Poppy up and ran down the passage not knowing where to go. She came to a fork, glanced round, and ran to the right. Lucy held tight to Poppy as she sprinted as fast as she could through the twisting tunnel. Dead end, Lucy turned back and stopped. Where was she? She screamed for help -no answer. She yelled and yelled -no answer. She was well and truly lost.

Lucy sat down, her face white as a sheet. Her heart was beating fast as lighting. She closed her eyes and wished that all would be fine. She wished and wished with all her strength till she was out of breath. Then she opened her eyes and once again started to run. This time she went left at the fork. She saw an opening and darted towards it, hoping to get out. When Lucy reached the clearing, she noticed Poppy’s eyes were opened a bit. “Where am I” asked Poppy, while Lucy casually put Poppy on the soft as the cave was sandy. Lucy sat down and leant Poppy on the cool rock and explained everything. ‘Well,’ thought Poppy, when Lucy had finished, ‘what a tale.’ She heaved herself up and started to shake herself off. “I must have missed the turning” she said as she shook her head trying to remember.

To be continued…

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Y6 SATs are over! – poem by Emily J

It’s been so long but they’re finally over,

Using lucky charms like a four-leaf clover.

Doing the papers reading, s.p.a.g. and maths,

Choosing your answer is like multiple choice paths.

Working in silence, 40 minutes to an hour,

Reading about a certain type of flower.

In the playground running with banners,

But if they’re over we still need good manners.

Easy for some, hard for others,

Talking about them to sisters and brothers.

“Good luck year 6!” We hear them say,

We would all hear them from miles away.

Getting cheered on by family and friends,

Feeling relived when it finally ends.

Happiness spreading throughout the school,

Everyone saying that Totoro is cool.

Cakes being made to celebrate the event,

Even better than eating chocolate after lent.

Getting a break from school work each day,

Every year it is done in May.

“Keep on going!” Each teacher says,

Answering questions in different ways.

Making our parents give us good breakfasts all week,

The SATs may be hard, but be sure you don’t peek!

Working and working until it’s over and done,

Then when it is over we can have some more fun!

SATs is over, it took so long,

We are all so happy we could sing a song!

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Summer is around the corner – poem by Emily J

Around the corner is Summer,

A land of flowers and sun.

Even though it can be raining,

It is still lots of fun.

The birds flying through the sky,

The clouds floating along.

Many plants with leaves growing,

The animals singing their song.

Everyone can enjoy Summer,

Even those who don’t.

There are some animals who could harm you,

Even though they won’t.

Bunny’s hopping over the fields,

Noses twitching as they go.

With puppy dog eyes,

You simply can’t say no!

The ponys trotting along,

Clip clopping as they pass.

Yet some of the horses,

Seem to have alot of sass.

The mice in the field,

Nibbling at the corn.

Looking for your homework,

“I have it, I did it on the lorn!”

Little kids running about,

Making messy mud pies.

And if you listen carefully,

You can hear their joyful cries.

Parent yelling at teenagers,

To go and play in the sun.

But they say inside,

Because they say it’s more fun.

Bats hanging upside down,

Until the evening comes.

All the SATs in school,

Having to do some sums.

Summers just around the corner,

The sunshine has begun.

Why don’t you join us,

It will be lots of fun!

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